We place extreme emphasis on the comfort of our guests and do our best to accommodate any requests our guests may have.

International visitors to Sangfroid can also experience one of our unique safari packages. Follow your Ibogaine treatment with a week-long safari in the African bush – a chance to unwind, and connect with yourself and nature while you integrate your experience.


We provide guests with three meals per day.  We put a high emphasis on organic fruits, vegetables, juices, smoothies and quality proteins, although any dietary requirements or preferences you have will be taken into consideration.

We implement some aspects of the GAPS diet to assist our guests in recovery from the Ibogaine treatment which can be quite tough on the digestive system.

We also provide our guests with some nutritional and supplementation guidelines to assist in their ongoing recovery and well-being.

Treatment Process

All Ibogaine treatments are administered and monitored by experienced Ibogaine facilitators and a qualified nursing sister. A doctor is on call for emergencies. We are also 10 minutes away from the nearest hospital.

We ask that you have an up-to-date medical exam and clearance for the Ibogaine experience and we have doctors who work closely with us that we can direct you to if you don’t have your own practitioner. We will guide you further on detoxification and preparation as your treatment draws near.

The dosage of Ibogaine will be given on a personal level according to body weight.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects can include nausea and motion sickness.  Vomiting may occur but is part of the healing process whereby you purge toxins from your body. You may experience auditory and visual distortions during the first 6 hours. As the visual stage dies down you enter what is called grey day where you may feel tired, frustrated and restless. This disappears completely after 36 hours. You may be presented with emotional images which may be loving or sometimes disturbing but these also disappear in 36 hours.