I came to Christina after half a century of constant seeking to heal from debilitating physical and emotional issues, and to grow and evolve spiritually.
Over the years my enquiring nature, coupled with my yearning to heal, led me down a rabbit hole of exploration, from traditional medical approach, to psychology, and then to spiritual and mystical healing modalities.
There are no words that could adequately describe my first psychedelic mushroom Ceremony. It was an intensely spiritual, mystical and therapeutic experience, which provided profound insight and boosted my healing on all levels of my being. I would best describe this experience as a “Spiritual Defibrillation” – a resetting of my life and being.
I am in awe of this Sacred Medicine, and it came to me at the right time in my life. I have subsequently had 2 further Ceremonies. Each Ceremony is an intensely personal journey, and we receive what we “need”, not necessarily what we “want”.
Christina is the custodian of this sacred medicine. She shares deep insights from her own experience, with empathy and kindness. She is someone I trust fully with the sacredness and sensitivity of this work, and I have felt completely safe throughout each experience.
This path is for serious seekers, who can use this Sacred Medicine to heal on a deeper level and to transcend beyond their perceived limits.


August 2021

Depression and anxiety had been tormenting me for a very long time to the extent that I started abusing substances such as marijuana and alcohol which eventually got me addicted to. For years I have been heavily drinking and smoking marijuana in an attempt to suppress my psychological issues, which only made things worse for me to the point that I couldn't control anything in my life anymore, resulting in my business and relationships tearing up bit by bit. My turning point came through after I underwent an Ibogaine treatment at Sangfroid Sanctuary which was a great success till this day. I have since stopped smoking marijuana and binging on alcohol. My energy levels are soaring each day and I now easily stick to productive routines. My businesses have revived as a result of my transformation and everyone feels happy working close to me. I feel like I have found my long-lost purpose in life and special thanks to Christina, who helped me throughout the entire treatment at her peaceful and tranquil facility.


August 2021

Christina, I am lost for words when I need to express my experience I had when I did my first Psilocybin journey with you. I need to say that it was powerful, mind-blowing and exceeded all expectations. The space and energy that you hold throughout the ceremony is sacred and unique to each ceremony. This would not have happened if not for you. I have had life-changing shifts in both my personal and spiritual lives with the ceremonies giving me the groundwork. I have moved on to having a second journey and my third will be coming up soon. I would recommend this to anyone out there who needs change, to make positive outcomes in their lives materialize.


July 2021

I have done 3 psilocybin sessions over this past year. After my first session, I realised that my alcohol consumption was a huge block to my work and family life. I hadn’t realised the devastation it was causing. I immediately decided to give alcohol up. I was committed. I did a session roughly every 3 months to keep myself on track. The sessions gave me clarity, motivation and a spiritual purpose- without which I don’t think I would have done this far in my sober life. My family is peaceful and harmonious and my work life has escalated 1000%. My life is blossoming. I truly look forward to the future. Christina- Meeting you has been life-changing, thank you for the gift that you are to many of us; in providing healing and a deeper connection with God.

May 2021

This was my second Ibogaine treatment at Sangfroid Sanctuary. My first treatment was a year ago and I managed to kick my cocaine and alcohol addiction. I kept on smoking as at the time as I was not overly concerned about it. Then a year later I was ready to get rid of this vice. Once again the treatment was done in a safe and caring environment and I was given the space I needed to do the deep introspection, whilst not feeling ignored either. I got many amazing insights and the trip was completely different the second time round making me realise that I have come a long way emotionally in this year (thanks to my first Ibogaine treatment). The first few days were actually easy without cigarettes. Ibogaine makes you feel so clear and energetic in other areas so I think this is why the smoking withdrawal is not as bad as when I have tried to quit on my own. I had no irritation. Once In a while a habitual craving would come like when I got in the car, but it was easy to dismiss and put my attention elsewhere. 3 weeks later I am still cigarette-free which I feel is a great feat with not much suffering. Thanks Christina for a wonderful experience once again.

May 2021

May 2021

By a series of (what I can only see now as divine intervention) coincidences I came across Sangfroid at my absolute rock bottom. A 48 year old woman, with a history of dealing with a narcissistic mother who had inflicted the most intense emotional trauma on me for as long as I can remember, and who had just attempted another suicide, that literally pushed me over the edge…Which is why I essentially arrived at Sangfroid ‘functionally’ addicted to alcohol. In my mind, just ingesting enough to make it through the day, so surely not that bad? But my alcohol crutch was honestly affecting my family life. I was also smoking in excess of 40 cigarettes a day and drinking 6plus cups of coffee a day just to get through. So I did the Ibogaine treatment, maybe not fully understanding how it works…but I was so desperate for something to help me, that I took the leap of faith.

In truth I wasn’t quite prepared for the experience, which was a lot more challenging than what I expected. Essentially all my worst fears, traumas and anxieties were made conscious in a 48 hour period. My personal experience was not only a visual confrontation of my issues, but also an intense physical detox.

The trip was SO hard, had I known, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go ahead with it. BUT in hindsight am so grateful that I didn’t know, as I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it. Subsequent to my Ibogaine treatment, I feel more ‘me’ / grounded and just more ‘normal’ than I have in years. I can’t properly explain the relief of just not having this underlying ‘heaviness’ that has been part of my life for so long. I haven’t had the craving for a cigarette, alcohol or even coffee since my treatment. Not a silver bullet by any means as I have still had the urge in response to normal stresses. But now, I feel more in control, that I have a choice…and so far…in spite of the usual stresses, I feel more capable to choose what’s best for me and in alignment of what I want.

Thank you Christina for sticking with me from the bottom of my heart…for your unwavering focus on the end result / benefits even when I was struggling with the process. You were 100% right. I could never in a million years have imagined how good I could potentially feel now…There are no words to explain how your treatment has helped me to feel more at peace with and even optimistic about the road ahead… Thank you just seems too small a phrase…but it’s all I have right now. So, thank you Christina for your work…I will forever be indebted to you, for helping me find the energy / motivation to stick this life out and to even look forward now to being a more positive participant / contributor towards it.

May 2021

Good morning. Everyday I wake up with gratitude and am so thankful for the opportunity that I allowed myself to have the most wonderful experience that has changed me so much and has flowered the love for not only myself but for my partner as well. I thank you again and again for carrying me thru my amazing ceremony. I am blessed to have you as my spiritual guide. Have a wonderful day.


April 2021

I had the good fortune of coming across the Sangfroid Sanctuary at the lowest point in my life and I can honestly say that my first treatment was the turning point in my soul’s recovery. I would later come to understand that I arrived at the gates of the Sangfroid Sanctuary on the darkest night of my own “dark night of the soul” which had stretched many years.
I had suffered from severe fatigue and physical pain at the time, which I later came to understand was causally linked to a psychospiritual crisis and breakdown which I had subconsciously been repressing. The deep insights which I gained through the work at the Sangfroid Sanctuary had eluded me for years even though I had undergone psychoanalytical therapy for some years.
I was nervous when I initially approached the sanctuary as its work was outside of my comfort zone. I had tried various alternative therapies and had exhausted all the alternatives available to me. I really reached out to the sanctuary as a last resort. I was welcomed with open arms and Christina’s passion for helping people heal themselves gave me the confidence to follow through with the treatment. Christina expertly guided me to the right teacher plant and always created an appropriate set and setting for the treatment.
A person’s first encounter with his soul is never going to be an insignificant experience and can simply be overwhelming and scary. I felt safe and grounded having Christina with me to guide me throughout this process. I had my most profound spiritual and psychological openings under Christina’s loving and guiding eye and always felt her deep support and love without any judgement.
The teacher plants cannot do all the work but I learnt that they open the doors that need to be opened and the point in the right direction. It is because of the work done at Sangfroid Sanctuary that I could see the first sunrise after my dark night of the soul. I still get fatigued and have pain from time to time but I know now that it is this pain that led me to Sangfroid Sanctuary, the teacher plants and ultimately back to my soul.
Christina calls herself a plant healer, I call her my soul retriever. I will be forever grateful.


April 2021

I am the mother of an adult son, who is a gifted fine artist, and who has been beholden to and crippled by his intrusive OCD thoughts for some time
OCD can take hold of a person's mind with a seemingly unrelenting grip

However, after I was introduced to Christina all this changed.
Psilocybin has freed up OCD’s grip on my son's mind
Whilst he has found the “trip” a bit daunting on some occasions, the therapy has reliably re-established calm, flexible, healthy thought patterns which restores his perspective on things. With this perspective he can again use CBT to re-establish control and choices for his own life

Psilocybin is undoubtedly the one and only therapy which has given our dear son his life back
Christina has been wonderful and supportive on this journey

A profoundly grateful Mom

April 2021

Hi Christina,this week has been the best week I’ve had in a long time,I’ve been able to be consistent with things that I struggled with before,my energy levels are much higher,and I’m finding it much easier to deal with my emotions,we’ve no fights in the house this week,which also used to be a regular thing in this house😅🙏🏼like genuinely feel like a new person. It’s the longest I’ve gone without smoking a cigarette or a joint and I’m so proud☺️
Thank you Christina,I’m very grateful for the experience😇🙌🏽✨


March 2021

Hi Christina, I trust you are well. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have such a beautiful, magnificent experience of the psilocybin, to be within the Gods was truly incredible and I feel so empowered. All the spiritual work I have been doing in my life just culminated On that night in a way I could never have dreamed possible. May God bless you for the work that you are doing in changing people's lives. Take care of yourself we will be in touch.


November 2020

I had been on antidepressants and 2 sleeping tablets a night for 10 years. They weren’t working- the side effects were unbearable and I would lie in bed staring at the ceiling in terror of how I felt in my mind and body. Reaching the age of 40 I felt an absolute mess. I have a wife and 3 kids looking to me to be strong and a demanding job. From the outside no one would have guessed how scared, lonely and in anguish I was. I was at a stage where I had the occasional suicidal thought, which scared the crap out of me. I knew I had to try something different.
I searched on the net for psychedelic therapy.
I found Sangfroid and was advised to try the ibogaine due to the powerful reset it offers.
I was nervous but I knew that I had no option.
The ibogaine therapy was a tough 2 nights. I had to face myself for the first time in my life- my traumas, my fears and saw my part in the mess my life had become. It was humbling.
On the morning of my departure after a sleep, I knew I had been shifted in a deep fundamental way. In the days and weeks since treatment, things have dramatically turned around. My natural energy supply came back with force. I have been able to start my long contemplated running and exercise regime and have lost a few kg’s. I have begun a healthy eating plan. My focus is incredible- work has gone to a new level. I am able to be present as a husband and father (although I still have my moments of irritation 😂). My natural sleep patterns have returned and my anxiety is a million times better.
Christina advised me that ibogaine is not a miracle pill, it will assist me with a reset but I still have to put in the work to get my life on track. I see now that the work is simple and I have put the action in place. Some days I don’t feel like exercising, eating well or praying- but I do it anyway! These new habits are simple and life changing- but I couldn’t have found the energy and motivation without ibogaine. NO more medication- it feels like a dream.
The treatment was professionally and safely done in a calm environment and I trusted Christina and the nurse 100%.
I highly recommend this process to anyone who has tried all the other avenues and failed.


November 2020

I feel quite incredible after my ibogaine journey. Clarity of thought, tons of energy and motivation, no desire to drink or do any drugs. My niggly back and neck pains have disappeared, and even my eyesight is better.
Haven't felt this good in ages!
Thanks again for this- what an experience!

November 2020

I finally plucked up the courage to try a Psylocibin treatment. I had researched the topic for endless hours online and watched countless videos.
I have never suffered with depression or addiction. I just had a void and lack of purpose that was hard to define. I felt stuck in life and spiritually empty. It seemed like there was no ‘cure’ for how I was feeling as I didn’t need antidepressants and visits to a psychologist seemed pointless. This is the seeking that finally led me to this treatment.
I found Sangfroid online and was immediately phoned by Christina, who took a genuine interest in my background and reasons for wanting to undergo the process. She was knowledgeable and I felt comfortable immediately.
I was extremely nervous and considered backing out a few times. I am so glad I didn’t.
The actual experience was nothing short of a spiritual awakening, that’s the best way I could describe it. It was intensely therapeutic and I got many insights into myself and my behavior. The level of clarity was unbelievable. It was profoundly mystical and I connected with a higher energy that I can describe as ‘God’, which has left me with a deep sense of peace and safety in my life.
I got exactly what I needed from the process. I feel clear and connected and I feel my purpose has been revealed to me in many ways.
I recommend this experience to everyone. It’s life changing.
Thank you Christina, keep up the amazing work.


September 2020

Ibogaine experience:
OMG, Just do not know where to begin.
I have been on a spiritual journey for the last 10 years. Have tried different principles of meditation from Zen Buddha the East. Even took a trip to India for meditation and yoga and had to have a spiritual experience in my own back yard. I have been blessed in the sense of not having been on any drugs or alchol addictions- reason I mention this is that- i can only imagine how difficult and challenging it must be to heal addictions in addition to the stress of life challenges one has to contend with.
Having come from a dysfunctional background,and dealing with emotional abuse in my marrige- being a very sensitive person I had lots of trauma and emotional baggage.
For more than 50 years have never really felt at peace even though was working hard to attain this after my divorce and break ups of toxic realtionships.
I contacted Christina out of the blue on a public holiday or weekend. Had researched Ibogaine- was very nervous- Christina explained the process provided lots of research and material as well as testimonials which convinced me that this was the right decision and I was ready for this- had never even imagined a month before that I would be even thinking of going this route- I always thought the only way was through years and years of meditation for reaching inner peace.
The love care and support from Christina and the nurse was just amazing, I could just feel genuine passion and respect for their clients and the sacredness of the medicine- this really meant so much to me - undescribable in words to have this care and genuine nurturing of pure love just made the experience so much more enjoyable even though one is nervous.
My experience was not a life changing one immediately- i felt a bit disappointed when I left as I had 5 distinct and very vivid lucid dreams which did not make sense at the time. But OMG when I got home wrote the visions down did some research and realised that Iboga had showed me exactly what I needed to work on at that time for me- the week after I had so much energy was more relaxed and at peace, my meditation sessions improved with more focus and clarity.
Mushroom experience:
A month after I contacted Christina for the magic mushroom experience. This was a mind blowing experience that I am still processing 2 weeks later. I was shown that everything I have done in the past was preparing me for this experience- it was just inexplainable in words - I had healing experiences on every level through out my life it went on for the whole session, even now I am still processing and working through the spiritual experience where I reached the stage of death of the ego and it left me there to make my own decision of the next steps of my life. I still get emotional when I think about it- how everything is connected and how all the people in our lives are our teachers and how we are here to heal humanity by healing our selves. Not sure how to describe it- it was beyond my expectation on evey level.
Through all of this Christina was watching over me- it made me feel safe to surrender to the experience and not be afraid- I knew I was in control and could stop it if I wanted to and yet at the same time this is what I wanted- I was not scared. Both my experiences were very good it was my higher self showing me and guiding me. I was also pleased that I did the Iboga first and then the mushroom-i just knew that the Iboga was opening me up and preparing me for the spiritual awakening.
I can only recommed this to every one who is searching or looking for inner healing- and Christina you are an Angel my Angel- I will never forget how I kept you up at midnight just babbling on and on as I could not believe what I had just been through and all I wanted was your presence.
I will never forget you watching over me through out the process- Richest blessings to you for the work and healing you are supporting people with.
I look forward to my next Journey🙏
Love and blessings with lots of hugs and kisses⚘


June 2020

​I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you and the work you do. Today is my 30th birthday and for a long time I told myself that if my depression doesn't get better by 30 I'm going to commit suicide. Today I've reached that number and I couldn't be happier to be alive, today, probably for the first time ever I'm really celebrating my life. I've learned to love myself, take care of myself and appreciate my uniqueness. I've learned to breathe - Ibogaine has saved my life in so many ways, thank you! 🙏🏻

June 2020

Ibogaine came into my life during a time when I was starting to lose faith that I could get better. I’d struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life but after a burnout related breakdown I was plummeted into a depression that I felt was going to end me. Western medicine had failed me so miserably and living had become so unbearable that I was desperate to try anything to get rid of the constant discomfort I was living in.
That’s when life led me to Christina and Ibogaine. From our first meeting I understood that Christina was someone who I could trust to go on this unfamiliar journey with. Her confidence, professionalism and deep understanding of my situation reassured me that I was on the right path towards healing. There was not a single point that Christina let me think that going on the Ibogaine journey was going to be a magic pill. Instead she helped me understand how the ibogaine would let me start over and take my life into my own hands which is really what I needed.

Taking the ibogaine was a process that Christina made as comfortable as possible. She was with me every step of the way and created a safe environment where I was able to heal. The ibogaine itself felt like a lifetime of therapy delivered by kind and caring hands that believed I could change for the better.

When I woke up the following morning I instantly knew my life was changed. My anxiety was instantly quiet. It was still there but it was no longer on loud in my mind and in my body. It was normal!!!! I could breathe! And from that day, I never needed another anti depressant or anti anxiety medication. Christina and the Iboga did years of work for me in one evening.

Today, almost two years later, I’m happy and I’m healthy. I have healthy coping mechanisms, I can set goals and achieve them, I graduated university and I love and believe in myself. I like myself and am excited about my life again. It’s not linear, I still have days that are hard but I’m able to take myself out of them. I’m able to see the bigger picture. None of this would have been possible without Christina and the ibogaine. I’m forever grateful to her and humbled by the teacher plant of ibogaine that have given me back my life.
If you need your life to change for the better and you are ready to take that step, please please please, meet with Christina and let her and the Iboga change your life.

May 2020

I feel so much better, brand new. Came on holiday to the Drakensberg and did a 7 km hiking trail. Not bad to start. No heroin, No drinking, no smoking. A new beginning for sure. Thank you Christina, I got the extra strength I needed. Feeling very apart from my past lifestyle

14 July 2019

LOVE YOURSELF,THE ANSWER IS WITHIN YOU,if I heard it once I heard maybe a thousand times, the key to being fulfilled is loving oneself the sages, mystics, psychiatrists, psychologists, alternative healers ,they all say it and believe me I know because I’ve been to them and some. Without going into to much personal details my road has been long and hard the metaphor comes to mind “ like a salmon swimming upstream “ the salmon gets there but bloody and hanging onto its last nerve . Which brings me to iboga and my first phycho-spiritual therapy session with this plant . What is it ? The Iboga Bwiti shamans speak of going deeper. They believe that their medicine accesses the infinite nature of the soul inside of us, and that soul’s infinite knowledge that extends all the way to the beginning of time. In my entire 24 hour encounter with Truth, there was never the feeling that I was accessing anything outside of myself. It is simply that the self I was accessing was virtually omniscient and had my best interest at heart!

In the Iboga experience there is no translation issue because it is you talking to yourself. If you can’t understand yourself you are in big trouble. People have called Iboga your ‘stern father’ and this is due to the nature of what Iboga tells you. It will very bluntly explain to you how you have been fucking up, and tell you to shape up! And for many of us, that may sound like our father, but really it is just your true self trying to get your mind in line with what would be best for your destiny.

Million Dollar Question: Do I need iboga ?
First of all, I think the question should be, which should I do FIRST? Because if you are going to make the commitment to explore the depths of your mind, soul, and the infinite universe, both of these medicines are the best things you can do for yourself. But time and money are obstacles, and I realize that it may be several years before you can save up enough of both to complete even one of these journeys. So here are some practical guidelines.
1. Do you have an addiction problem, eating disorder, or self-limiting mental issue? If the answer is Yes, then Iboga for sure.
2. Would you prefer to know the answers to your questions, or feel & see the answers to your questions? To know, choose Iboga
3.Do you want to make peace/communicate with deceased family members/friends? Choose Iboga.
5. Is your mind the root of your physical illness or your body? For mind, choose Iboga.

Hope my words help another in what I found a scary decision to make but well worth it 🌈🌸

20 October 2018

Dear Christina
Would like to thank all the staff at Sangfroid Ibogaine Center for the amazing support that you gave me. in the run up to treatment, Christina contacted me every day to make sure i was ok and following the correct taper plans, she was genrally concerened about my welfare, as the treatment date grew closer she steped up a gear and made me feel comfortable with my desission. After a long flight from the UK, i was met at the airport with smiles and hugs that put me at easy. i rested and then the treatment began that eveing, we took the test dose followed by a few more capsuals, within a few hours i was submurged in the waking dream phaze of ibogaine, my heart and blood presure were monitored regualary, which again made me feel that i was reciving the best care possible, howerver i started to really struggle with the congnative phaze due to me having a lot of bad behaviour and trauma to deal with that the medicine had shown me, again christina was there to help and advise and provide love and compassion, i was a difficult patient during this time, but Christina delt with me amazing.
i have since returned to the UK and after a period of refelction and healing i feel amazing i am now totally drug free from all the medication the doctor had percribed over the years, thanks to christina i now have a positive out look on life and grabbing every day with hope, love and compassion. i cant thank you enough, you will remain in my thoughts and feeling for life, you were not affriad to confront me to help me grow into the person i always wanted to be.
Thanks you Christina and i hope we meet again sometime
Love and Compassion AL United Kingdom

October 2018 (spelling is Client’s own)

​Dear Christina and Bantu,
After suffering from a number of addictions over the last 20 years, and having tried numerous rehabilitation clinics, I was drawn to Ibogaine as a potential treatment. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Christina at Sangfroid Ibogaine Sanctuary, who immediately started to help me to get healthy enough to be able to follow the Iboga Therapy. With her guidance and support I was able to clean my liver enough to be able to follow the treatment, and was given a five step plan to prepare me for my experience.

I was nervous as the treatment day approached, but on arrival at the stunning clinic, Christina immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. She and Bantu, the attending nurse, were so professional and compassionate, yet firm, that I was able to have the most profound experience with the plant....Iboga. To describe my personal journey is pointless as each person is different, but for me it was life changing!

My gratitude cannot be expressed in words for the gift Iboga gave me....but let me add that I truly wanted (and needed) to become whole again and followed the advice given to me by Christina even though at times it felt like a chore. Suffice it to say that after treatment I continue to follow the 5-Step plan with enthusiasm as it has become part of my healing and no longer a chore but a passion.

Love and Hugs


October 2018

To Christina and the staff at Sangfroid
and Respect… to all three of you that looked after me, -and most of all to Ibogaine. Nothing could have prepared me for this encounter with the most powerful medicinal plant on earth. This is the granddaddy of all treatments and all sacred plants -and nothing else is similar or can compare. Everything exceeded my expectations -the quality of care and attention, the spectacular accommodation, the meals -and crucially important: the life-changing effect of Ibogaine. It was an ‘appointment with destiny’. I have been a new man since leaving your premises -with every intention to power on.
To anyone that may read this and wonder if it may be the golden key to transform a broken life: You will be blown away by the sheer power of Ibogaine. It was, brutal, and overpowering for what seemed like an eternity, and then suddenly changed into the most precise, intense and detailed series of dispassionate visions and instructions about the many problems in my life. Ibogaine took complete control of the experience and left me no escape, no place to hide, and no chance to influence the experience at all -at least for the first 10 hrs into it.
Then it started lifting away -and I could feel the deepest sense on something like warm sunshine growing out of my chest -and became filled with and relief and gratitude -and a lightness in my heart that hasn’t left me since.
I still cannot make sense of how the cheapest treatment centre in the world could house me in the spectacular and super wealthy Houghton mansion, wait on me hand and food -and provide excellent home-cooked meals for the price charged -but I will spread the word wherever I go.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart -for the most incredible and healing experience of my life. It left me empowered and inspired -and I will certainly recommend this to anyone who needs to walk away from addictions, depression -or any kind of true dead end in life from which just no other plant or drug can work. For me it truly was an encounter with the Divine.

Eben Cilliers

Testimonial Ibogaine treatment 2018

From rock bottom to top of the world. Christina and Bantu are professional, passionate and above all truly caring. A simple and effective 5 step program prepared me for a treatment that not only cured me of my addictions but has given me a new lease on life. I have transformed into the person that I, my family and loved ones have only dreamed of. My gratitude and love for this beautiful process is eternal.

October 2018

I arrived at Sangfroid for treatment for depression. I have had migraines since I was 9 years old, but Thanksgiving of 2016 they became daily chronic intractable migraines. I wake up with it, go to sleep with it... No relief. The day to day had become unbearable. I had to stop working, my days were unpredictable with the pain. Depression had set in so heavy. I wanted to end my life when the pain became unbearable. My husband went on a search for me and found Christina at Sangfroid. I began sessions with Ben before my treatment... And I must say Ben has been a God send. He has helped me see life in a way that no other Psychologist here in the U.S. has been able to do. I was completely ready and prepared for my treatment mentally. Christina welcomed me with open arms and practically held my hand the entire way, reassuring me that everything would be okay. THE IBOGAINE TREATMENT WAS PHENOMENAL. It helped me to confront fears, past issues, past hurts. I feel like a new person. Even though I still struggle with the daily pain, I now have a new outlook on life and I'm not ready to end it anymore. I am ready to take control and live the best life I can live now, despite my circumstances. I had a awesome massage following me treatment. I even had an opportunity to go on a tour. The facility was beautiful! Sunsets were breathtaking! Christina made sure that there wasn't a need that wasn't attended to. Even though this was a far way to go to find help, it was worth the long flights and every penny spent! Thank you soooo much Christina! I will forever be grateful to you for this reset in life!

20 August 2018

Thank you to Christina

First of all I was made to feel so comfortable, I really had a strong feeling I was where I needed to be. During the experience I felt safe and calm.

I know every human is different and will have there own journey, but what i loved of mine was, you experience every emotion during the journey and it's like watching clips of you're entire life, then the Ibogaine shows you different scenarios of how you can improve yourself and relationships with your loved ones.

Looking ahead, I have found clarity and all the complications of my inner battles have been simplified.

I look forward to my next journey.


19 July 2018

​Prior to discovering Ibogaine I had been battling addiction for 8 years, I had a progressive nerve disease that was threatening my life, my using, pain and sadness were at an all time high, I felt hopeless and powerless. I had sought help through other traditional rehabilitation centers and medical institutes to no avail. I was told I was sick and needed chronic medication in order to live a full and happy life. I felt I had tried everything in my power to change the course of my life but I was battling my own mind and this was a fight I could not win. In my darkest hour I stumbled upon Ibogaine. I had heard about this African psychedelic miracle drug that was curing addiction and mental illness in record time. Naturally I didn't believe this could be possible - how could a lifetime of problems be fixed in 36 hours and I never need to use another medicine again after? There was also the worry that I would be using one drug to fix another and simply cross addicting with something different. After doing a little investigating on the power of Ibogaine and its effect on the brain and neuro-circuitry i knew in my heart I had find a way to try Iboga.

I came across Sangfroid on the web and my life has been forever changed. I arrived at the Sanctuary, set in a beautiful state of the art facility in the heart of Johannesburg and was greeted with open and loving arms. The team at Sangfroid are nothing short of miracle workers who handle each patient with professionalism and respect. My life has been given back to me and I am eternally grateful to the team at Sangfroid - they treated me with love throughout my experience, all of my questions, my fear and my anxiety were quickly put to ease by loving, professional and intelligent staff in a beautiful surrounding and with the help of one magical African root. Ibogaine has completely changed my life and the lives of my family and loved ones in turn. One cannot put a price on mental freedom. I can say I love myself and my life and that is priceless. I have my health back and the ability to make better choices, I have experienced physical and mental changes that surprise me in on daily basis, I have found enthusiasm. More so it was a beautiful gift given to me by beautiful people at a beautiful place to whom I say thank you, thank you, thank you. The mere knowledge that a place like this even exists is light in a dark world and I would recommend Sangfroid and Ibogaine to absolutely anyone.

There is definitely hope, light and love at Sangfroid." 



“I would like to extend a big thank you to every member of staff at Sangfroid. The Ibogaine journey was professionally facilitated and incredibly powerful. The knowledge, kindness and love shown by the team and the power of the medicine made the experience immediately beneficial. The time since the treatment has gotten even better every day in ways beyond imagination. It is life changing and I will highly recommend Ibogaine and the Sangfroid centre to anybody already considering going down this route and urge those who have not yet heard of this miracle ‘reset’ to look into it.”  - SN


"I have never felt as loved and cared about as I did by the staff at Sangfroid. Although the experience itself was intense, I felt so held and supported that I was able to deal with whatever came up. Literally everything I needed was anticipated, and the level of kindness and respect was mindblowing. I came to the centre for a psycho-spiritual journey and it far exceeded my expectations. I had years worth of insight in one night and have made copious notes on the revelations that I had about my life that will help me for years to come. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone wanting to transform their life."  


"I have been addicted to one thing or another since I was 16 years old. I attended my first rehab as an out-patient after being caught with drugs in high school. When I was 19 I was arrested for heroin. I stayed clean for a while, but it never lasted. I substituted one drug for another (namely alcohol which is socially acceptable & easy to acquire) in an endless quest to satisfy some unquenchable need for fulfilment. I attended my second rehab when my parents intervened. Again I stayed clean for a while. Soon enough though, I was drinking again. By the time I attended my 3rd rehab I was drinking a bottle and a half of Vodka a day. I really wanted to get clean and even though I was clean for a while I was never happy. I could never figure out why I kept returning to the drugs and alcohol, because they did not make me happy only numb. I would go to meetings and work the program fixated on my disease in an impersonal system, but to no avail. Meaningless anonymous sex and shopping replaced substances for a while. I started seeing a psychologist and had a life coach, but I started using again. This time however it did not matter what I was on as long as I was altered. I would do whatever was available. Ritalin, Khat, alcohol and sleeping tablets became my new crutches, anything to try and get out of my own head and away from myself. Obviously it did not work. I got fired from my job for using at work. I was losing my mind in this downward
spiral. I decided to use the time between jobs to get my life back, but without much success. Suicide seemed like the only solution. I reconnected with a friend I had met at rehab. She had recently done the IBOGAINE treatment and was raving about it. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I mean really, a total mind reset in one night? I was desperate and suicidal. I just could not live the rest of my life as a host for these constant cravings.
In a moment of desperation and with tears in my eyes I called the Sangfroid IBOGAINE Sanctuary for help. They told me to come through that night, but I explained that I could not, because I was already drunk. The following morning I got a lift. I arrived at Sangfroid hung-over and high on khat. Obviously I had not slept either so I felt like death warmed up. I was greeted in the parking lot by a staff member who introduced herself and gave me a hug (not how I was accustomed to being greeted at other recovery centres where they just about give you a cavity search). She was friendly and welcoming and introduced me to another staff member who also greeted me with warmth and a hug. They offered me something to drink (which I declined) and told me about there personal experiences with IBOGAINE and addressed my concerns. Another staff member brought me some tea with ginger to help with my throat even though I never asked (he could obviously tell I was not well. I was given some breakfast and sedative to help me relax (not the usual handful of pills that knock you out for 3 days
that I was used to getting at other establishments). I never once felt judged and was never treated like a criminal which was refreshing. Over the next 3 days the staff looked after me physically, mentally and emotionally. I am an introvert and it usually takes me a while to open up to people, but the staff and energy of Sangfroid were so warm and nurturing that I didn’t stop talking. It truly is a sanctuary. I was encouraged to watch some movies about the law of attraction and figure out for myself what I really wanted from my treatment and what I wanted my life to be like after the treatment. My addictions were seen as symptoms of deeper issues as opposed to some disease that I would struggle with the rest of my life. The staff are beautiful and caring people who would go out of their way to make me feel at home, whether it was sitting and talking to me about my thoughts and feelings, making me food, walking with me in the beautiful garden or going to the shop to get me smokes. I really can’t express how wonderful the staff and environment are. They nurtured and encouraged me to such an extent that even before I did the treatment my life began to change.
I arrived on the Thursday and was scheduled to do the IBOGAINE treatment on the Sunday evening. By the time Sunday came I was so excited to do my treatment. I knew I was safe and that the staff really cared about my well-being. They seemed just as excited for me to do the treatment as I was. At about 5pm we had a meeting where they explained what to expect and answered any questions we had. I took my first capsule at 6pm after they checked my vitals and I headed up[ to my room. There were 2 facilitators who would come in every hour through the night and check my vitals and check up on me. I was also given a buzzer so that if I needed anything they would know. I am not going to explain what I saw or went through, because the experience is as unique as the individual who does the treatment, but the results are always extra-ordinary. Suffice to say that although I was experiencing intense things mentally I knew that physically I was safe and cared for. The following day I felt this amazing sense of tranquillity and wholeness. I don’t know how it works, but it works.
I left the Sangfroid IBOGAINE Sanctuary feeling that life was full of potential and I had the power and ability to take full advantage of that potential. It is like when you are a child and life is full off possibilities, wonder and magic. For the first time since I was a child I am excited about my life. I feel empowered and life is an adventure that I am going to make the most of. Before I left the staff encouraged me to keep in contact and told me that the door is always open if I need a sanctuary from the storms that come our way in the modern world. They are a community of beautiful, good hearted people and Sangfroid is a magical place.
To all the staff at Sangfroid IBOGAINE Sanctuary thank you so much for helping me to transform my life, words cannot begin to express my gratitude. " -


"From the moment I walked in at Sangfroid I experienced a friendly, caring and professional attitude. The setting is spectacular. The spacious house is located in a large beautiful garden. A very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to partake in a remarkable journey. I can, without any reservation, highly recommend Sangfroid."  


"A life changing, healing experience done in a beautiful environment where one is looked after by extremely professional and caring staff. Great meals, so friendly, thank you Sangfroid!"  - 


"I feel refreshed after the Ibogaine treatment at Sangfroid Centre. It feels like i have a fresh start at life. New. It made me face a lot of my problems. It has given me a clear head to deal with them head on. I'm not craving substances! The centre is really beautiful and the staff made me feel safe. I could feel that they really care about my well being and continued success in my recovery. I'm very grateful for a second chance at life. I don't know where I would be without the Ibogaine treatment and the people at Sangfroid who have made this all possible. Thank you Sangfroid! And thank you Ibogaine!"  -