How Can Psychedelics Help You?

Drug Rehabilitation​​

The use of Ibogaine works well in treating addictions alcoholism and behavioural addictions like gambling.

Anxiety & Depression​​

We use Ibogaine to treat and understand depression, anxiety, burnout, chronic fatigue and apathy.

Spiritual Awakening​​​

Ibogaine is a physical and emotional detox, and as a spiritual or psychological guide to a more fulfilling life.

Who Are We?

We are a healing facility in the heart of Johannesburg

We use Ibogaine, which is a legally recognized treatment in South Africa, for treatment of addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and psycho-spiritual exploration.

We also offer other psychedelic treatments so please feel free to contact us should you wish to know more about these.

What is Ibogaine?

What is Psilocybin?

Past Experiences

Psychedelics might be a key to solve the problems with mental illness.

David Erritzoe is a medical doctor and clinical psychiatrist. In the years after finishing medical school at Copenhagen University in 2001, he trained under Professor Marc Laruelle at Columbia University in New York City, and later under Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen in the Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (CIMBI) in Copenhagen. The subject was molecular and functional brain imaging.

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.

What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

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